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Mathematics Contents   Vol.55, No.1, 2018      

Stochastic Resonance in a Langevin Oscillator Subject to Asymmetric Noise--Cong Xue and Deng Ke [295]

Sensor Selection for Hypothesis Testing in Wireless Sensor Networks--Qian Bo,Ma Ting and Song Enbin [341]

Numerical methods of the fractional advection-dispersion equation with Robin boundary condition--zengbaosi,yinxiucao,xiechangping and fangshaomei [264]

Strong convergence theorem for right Bregman strongly nonexpensive mappings in reflexive Banach spaces--wan bing sheng and huangjianhua [217]

Stevic-Sharma operators from Logarithmic Bergman-type spaces to Bloch spaces--Hu Xiao-bo [219]

Iterations of tent maps--YangYuChen and 陈兴武 [219]

A nonconforming-conforming finite element method for solving 3D Stokes problems--Zhang Min,Luo Kun and Zhang Shiquan [237]

Characterization of Optimal Feedback for SLQ with General Filtration--REN, Yan [216]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science
Material Science

Complete sequence and comparative analysis of the chloroplast genome of the Chinese aspen (Populus adenopoda, Salicaceae)--fanliqiang,huhuan,zhenghonglei,wangtianjing,wangyaling,matao and maokangshan [317]

Analysis of the Potential Remediation of Oilseed Rape to Soils Contaminated with Cadmium--fenggang,wangxin,baijiuyuan and zhaoyun [214]

An Interaction of ABA Receptor RCAR12 with CARK3 in Arabidopsis thaliana--黄琪,LI Xiao-Yi,CHEN Jing-Bo,LI Jing-Xiang,LI Xu-Feng and YANG Yi [225]

Influence of Diet Restriction on the Energy Metabolism and Digestive Tract Morphology in Passer montanus--Xu Xingjun,Wang Qinghui,Wang Youxiang,Tian Jinbo,Xue Mingqiang and Shao Shuli [191]

Effects of different ferric fertilizers on soil enzymatic activities and bacterial community structure of chlorotic peach trees--CHEN Cheng,ZHANG Fu-sheng,PENG Chen-chen,CHEN Ci-qiong,LIU Qing-ya,Wu Dong and LONG Zhang-fu [197]

Analysis of the part charateristics and the difference of amylase in tuberous roots of sweet potato during storage period--zhang yongwei,zhang Yizheng,Tan Wenfang and Yang Songtao [189]

Transcriptome analysis on stem development of a Brassica napus L. dwarf mutant--niuxianfei,JIANG Xue-Fei,XIE Yan-Fang,LIU Shuang-Shuang and WANG Mao-Lin [175]

Reproductive allocation changes from Saussurea parviflora in eastern edge of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau at various altitudes during flowering--yangyajun,wangyifeng,qirulin and yangyang [214]

Transcriptional expression profiles and enzyme activity of UGPase from Letinous edodes under different carbon and nitrogen sources--chenxiaomin, WU Hai-Bing, XIANG Quan-Ju, GU Yun-Fu and ZHANG Xiao-Ping [193]

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