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Mathematics Contents   Vol.55, No.5, 2018      

Global existence and boundedness of solutions of a chemotaxis system with logistic source--LIN Jing-Qiu,HE Pu and HOU Zhi-Bo [180]

Flat ideals in unit interval with canonical fuzzy order--LAI Hong-Liang,ZHANG De-Xue and ZHANG Gao [102]

Exact solutions for a class of space-time fractional mixed (1+1)-dimensional KdV equations--LI Lin-Fang,SHU Ji and WEN Hui-Xia [103]

Central configurations for planar 3n-body problem: triple nested regular polygons--DENG Chun-Hua and SU Xia [94]

Weighted iterated radial operators from weighted Bergman-Orlicz spaces to bounded-type spaces--DENG Yun-Hui [93]

Existence and multiplicity of symmetric positive solutions for second-order three-point boundary value problem--ZHANG Jing and HAN Xiao-Ling [96]

Finite difference approximations for one-dimensional Riesz fractional diffusion equation with fractional boundary condition--LIU Tao-Hua and HOU Mu-Zhou [104]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science

Investigation of strength and equation of state in niobium at high pressure--XIONG Lun,LI Bin and LIU Jing [74]

Stability and magnetic properties of V-doped ZnSe clusters--XIE Jian-Ming,CHEN Hong-Xia and LIU Wei-Wei [68]

The first principles calculation on electronic structure and optical properties of Cu/N-codoped ZnS--WANG Qing,ZHAO Wei-Gang,DAI Jian-Feng and LI Wei-Xue [91]

Monte Carlo optimization of a Compton suppression system for gamma-ray diagnosis of radioactive environment--ZOU Quan and AN Zhu [84]

Electronic and magnetic properties of Fe-doped ZnO nanowires--TONG Qiao-Ying,LI Sha-Sha and CHEN Hong-Xia [67]

Theoretical study on phase transformation and thermodynamic properties of GaN--HAN Xu,WANG Ping-Ping,LI Dan and WANG Hai-Yan [88]

First-principles study of mechanical properties of BCC metals tungsten and molybdenum under high pressure--HAO Lu-Yao,LIU Rui-Ping,ZHAO Wan-Tong,BAI Hui-Fang,DI Mao-Yun,YANG Zhi,XU Li-Chun and LI Xiu-Yan [87]

Material Science

Effects of high ammonium nitrogen on photosystem and antioxidant system of Potamogeton polygonifolius--QIU Zheng,FANG Kai,LIU Kai-Hui,PANG Si,ZONG Yi-Xuan and ZHANG Song-He [137]

Study on anti cancer activity and mechanism of ethyl acetate extract from Veronica ciliata Fisch.--SHU Yue-Yue,LU Qiu-Xia,SUN Yi-Ran,LI Yu,CHEN Fang and TANG Lin [98]

Detection of serum cytokines of autoimmune liver disease patients by high throughput cytokine antibody microarray--ZHANG Mao,FANG Jun,ZHANG Jian-Bo,WANG Zhi-Ying and CAO Mei [59]

Macroporous adsorption resin for the purification of polysaccharides from Gastrodia elata Bl--CHEN Chen, LI Xin-Xin, WEI Wei, LIU Xiang, TIAN Hui-Ling, FENG Zhen-Bin, HU Hong-Zhong and ZHENG Hong-Xing [59]

Combined utilization of metformin and Salvia miltiorrhiza bge. f. alba on diabetes mellitus--MA Jian-Ping [67]

Relationship between shape of Cartagana’s root and free proline--ZHAO Wen-Hao,YAO Yun-Feng and GUO Yue-Feng [58]

Study on structure and function of phosphoethanolamine transferase MCR1--XING Ping and LI Shuo [76]

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