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Mathematics Contents   Vol.57, No.5, 2020      

Pitchfork bifurcations of a three-dimensional system--Yang Ning-Wei [622]

A new fully discrete weak Galerkin finite element method for parabolic integro-differential equations--Liu Xuan-Yu, Luo Kun and Wang Hao [551]

An enhanced Cucker-Smale flocking model including the target directed interaction--Zeng Qing-Rong, Li Peng-Fei, Ji Yuan-Dong and Luo Mao-Kang [592]

A decoupled linearized difference scheme for the SRLW equation with damping term--Wei Jie, He Li and Hu Jin-Song [328]

The existence and uniqueness of positive solutions for a class of third-order boundary value problems with integral boundary conditions--He Yan_Qin and Han Xiao-Ling [361]

Product-type operators from weighted Bergman spaces to Bloch-Orlicz spaces--Chen Zhi and Jiang Zhi-Jie [241]

Some new results on the p-adic valuations of Stirling numbers of the second kind--Zhao Wei and Qiu Min [339]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science

Application of uncertainty evaluation method in parameter correction of high-purity germanium detector--LI Zi-Wei, BAI Li-Xin and ZHANG Yi-Yun [237]

Stochastic Resonance in a special type of Asymmetric Nonlinear System Driven by Correlated Noise--FAN Ze-Ning,LI Peng-Fei,TAO Yuan-Ye,TANG Yi-Gong and DENG Ke [197]

Design of portable α - β - γ spectrometer--LIU Yi-Wen,ZHAO Chao-Yang,WANG Yu-Dong,XIONG Hao,YANG Feng,DONG Chun-Hui,WANG Zhong-Hai,ZHOU Rong and YANG Chao-Wen [182]

Ab initio study of ground and low excited states of NH radical--LEI Liang-Jian,WAN Chong,WANG Xing-Wei and SONG Xiao-Shu [132]

Effects of different chirps on spectral continuum--LIU Hang,YANG Da-Zuo and FENG Li-Qiang [148]

Theoretical study on the diffusion coefficient and concentration distribution of copper in the beryllium crystal--CAO Hua-Liang and CHENG Xin-Lu [177]

Visualization research of the spherical harmonic function and atomic orbital based on MATLAB software--ZHENG Xing-Rong,YANG Wei,ZHANG Xin-Dan,DU Cheng-Min,LI Xiao-Long and TANG Huan [189]

Material Science

Functional study on sRNA Bpsr112 of Bacillus pumilus--QIN Jia,XU Yun-Fan,HUANG Yu and WANG Hai-Yan [273]

Invasive risk issessment of alien plants along Wolong subalpine highway--HU Dong-mei,YE Hong,QIU Yan-xia,HOU Jing,BAI Jie,HE Ting-mei,TAN Ying-chun,LIU Ming-chong and YE Ping [188]

A new method to predict Protein-DNA binding sites--WANG Jie-Heng and LI Xiao [181]

Overexpression of purple phosphatase gene NbPAP2 in tobacco promotes the growth and development of transgenic plants--DAI Ting-Wei,LV Xue-Yan,CHEN Fang and XU Ying [179]

Isolation, identification and pathogenicity experiment of Salmonella enterica Serovar Derby from yaks (Poephagus grunniens) with diarrhea in Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Ngawa, China--Feng Lan,AN Tian-Wu,CUI Peng-Fei,ZHAO Xiao-Dong,LI Hua-De,FU Xue,ZHANG Lan,ZHAI Ya-Ru,LI Hao,YAN Wen-Jun,WANG Hong-Ning and YANG Xin [186]

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