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Mathematics Contents   Vol.56, No.4, 2019      

Chaotic characteristics of two dimensional random coupled logistic map--YU Wen-Hui and GAO Shi-Long [195]

Atiyah classes of three-dimensional Lie bialgebras over Z_3--SHEN Dan-Dan [113]

Intertwining relation of integral-type operators on logarithmic Bloch-type spaces--HAN Xue_Hong and ZENG Hong_Gang [115]

Existence and uniqueness of positive solutions for a class of fractional impulsive differential equations with boundary value problems--ZHENG Feng-Xia and GU Chuan-Yun [106]

Existence of positive periodic solutions for a class of first-order functional differential equations--ZHU Yan [123]

Existence of positive solutions for a class of nonlinear fractional differential equations with boundary values--CAI Hui-Ze and HAN Xiao-Ling [135]

Global structure of positive solutions for a class of nonlinear second-order discrete three-point boundary value problems--MA Man-Tang [144]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science
Material Science

The role of RNA secondary structure in the interaction between lncRNA and SAFB1--LI Xiao-Jie,MIAO Hui,WANG Di,ZHAN Hao-Miao,WANG Lin-Lin and WU Chuan-Fang [83]

The research on the interaction between high temperature and viral defense mechanism in Nicotiana benthamiana--XU Zhen-Peng,QIU Long,YANG Ting,LIN Hong-Hui and XI De-Hui [80]

Genetic diversity of cultural phyllospheric bacteria in traditional tobacco cultivating areas of Sichuan province--BAI Yan,FENG Wen-Long,ZHANG Zong-Jin,DENG Li-Yu,Gu yong,LI Bin,CHEN Qiang,ZHANG Xiao-Ping and GU Yun-Fu [89]

Molecular identification of Sanghuangporus species S. sanghuang and S.vaninii--SONG Ji-Ling, LU Na, WANG Wei-Ke, YUAN Wei-Dong, LI Hai-Bo, CHENG Jun-Wen, KANG Xue-Ping and YAN Jing [89]

The mechanism of c-Myc expression regulated by T cell protein p80--WANG Qiao,ZHANG Yu-Jun and JIANG Xian-Jie [60]

The study of plant regeneration from root explants of Jatropha curcas and origin of adventitious shoots--PENG Tian-Xiang,DAI Jiao,CHEN Fang and XU Ying [72]

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