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Mathematics Contents   Vol.52, No.5, 2015      

New projection type stabilization with equal order elements forcoupled Stokes Darcy flow--ZENG Feng and FENG Min Fu [164]

Copula GARCH MMBP based Monte Carlo option pricing method--GE Dong-Jiao,WEN Dan-Dan,DAI Chao-Juan and TANG Ya-Yong [116]

Composition theorems of Sp weighted pseudo almost automorphic functions and applications--TANG Chao-Hong and LI Hong-Xu [93]

Ensemble Kalman filter with state equality constraints--XIE Li-Qing and HE La-Mei [91]

Global optimality sufficient conditions for quadratic programming problem with inequality constraints--ZHAO Xing-Qi and ZHANG Liang [83]

Boundary observation for high dimensional semi linear hyperbolic partial differential equations--DENG Kun [76]

Weak solution of inhomegeous porous medium equation with fractional diffusion--SUN Hong-Jie [89]

Complete chattering behavior of elastic bouncing ball--YU Jia [145]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science

FLC switching based SMC sliding mode for asynchronous motor control in anti buffeting--CHEN Qing Xie,ZHOU Feng Yu,LI Guo Dong,WU Chun Fu and LIU Nian [136]

Consider price factors parallel fuzzy multi criteria time varying weights for cloud service decision--HU Ji Chao and NI Zhen Tao [75]

Research on the microwave response of a Schottky diode using a multi physics co simulation method--WANG Hao,CHEN Xing,XU Ke and HUANG Ka Ma [71]

Impact evaluation of microbloggers based on improved PageRank algorithm--WU Shao Hua,MA Xiao Juan and HU Yong [119]

Remote sensing image super resolution using dual dictionary pairs based on sparse presentation and multiple features--YANG Xiao Min,WU Wei,YAN Bin Yu and ZHANG Ying Ying [71]

A comparative study of analysis methods for high frequency field coupling to transmission lines--YUE Da Lin,TAN Ying Ying,ZHAO Xiang,ZHOU Hai Jing,LIU Qiang and YAN Li Ping [68]

Simulation analysis of the radial slippage of the ultrasonic motor with double stators--WANG Tao and JI Yue Bo [71]

Material Science

Functional analysis of the Arabidopsis thaliana Hsp40 protein AtDjA5 in Escherichia coli--CHEN Peng,XU Xi Bing,HU Yi Ling and YANG Yi [99]

Function study of a gene which involved in heat stress response in Arabidopsis--WANG Xiang,LIU Zhi Bin and LI Xu Feng [74]

Cadmium induced stress impacting physiological indicators of Pleurisies ostreatus by resistant microbes applied to acid rain--WANG Li Na,TAN Tian Yu and XU Heng [69]

Preliminary studies on emodin produced by Fusarium solani R13--YU Zhi Wei,YANG Xin,ZENG Xian Jun,DING Ren Fang and ZHANG Jie [76]

Hemolytic and antioxidant activities in vitro of total saponins from Liparis nervosa--ZENG Chun Han,LIU Xiao Bo,CAO Yi Lin and WANG Li [66]

Sch9 regulates thelongevity and stress response by Cdc34 in yeast--QIE Bei Bei,LV Lei,LV Zhou,DU Lin Fang and LIU Ke [63]

Simple methods for constructing infectiouscDNA clone of ChiVMV--LIU Jian,ZHAO Fei Fei,CHEN Ying Juan,WU Yang Chen,ZHU Tong,XI De Hui and LIN Hong Hui [74]

Signal transducer and activator of transcription 1 gene (STAT1) in pig: cDNA cloning, tissue distribution, and identification of the alternative splicing variants--FU Hao,MENG Feng Yan,LI Fang Lian and LI Juan [76]

The construction of RNAi vector of JcERF1 gene, transfom tobaccos and silence result analysis--HAN Hai Yang,SUN Huan,WANG Xue Hua,YAN Jun and WEI Wei [133]

The effects of paclobutrazol to jatropha curcas seedlings under water logging on physiologic index--AN Xiao Long,MEI Lan Ju,TANG Lin and CHEN Fang [99]

Saturation mutagenesis of the dehairing alkaline protease--HUANG Rong and FENG Hong [102]

Analysis and evaluation of the stability and conservation of MIRU VNTR loci of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Sichuan--LUO Mei,ZHENG Chao,WU Gui Hui,LI Song,SUN Qun,XU Yuan Hong,HAN Yuan Ping and YUE Ji [112]

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