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Mathematics Contents   Vol.52, No.2, 2015      

Directed spaces defined through T0 spaces with specialization order--YU Yue and KOU Hui [49]

Optimality conditions for weak sharp minima in set valued optimization--WANG Kai-Rong and LI Jian [51]

Non traveling wave breather and periodic solutions for Caudrey Dodd Gibbon Kotera Sawada equation--KANG Xiao-Rong and XIAN Da-Quan [37]

Mixed Gibbs algorithm of Bayesian estimation for three parameter Weibull distribution--WEI Yan-Hua,WANG Bing-Can and SUN Yong-Hui [37]

Remarks on the finite groups with conjugate non central same order elements--GUO Ji-Dong,REN Yong-Cai and ZHANG Zhi-Rang [40]

Extremal element of smooth cone under bisection--ZHANG Jing-Chao [34]

Relations between locally and global conformal balanced manifolds--LIAN Zhao [25]

Existence of pullback attractors for non autonomous suspension bridge equations--YONG Hong-Xiong,MA Qiao-Zhen and CHANG Ya-Ya [38]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science

Support vector machine with structure optimized decision directed acyclic graph and its application to fault diagnosis--CHEN Si-Yu,NING Qian,ZHOU Xin-Zhi,ZHAO Cheng-Ping and LEI Yin-Jie [27]

An improved SC FDE technique for low altitude wireless channel--HE Li,HE Pei-Yu,ZHANG Xiao-Feng,LV Duo-Yu and ZHANG Feng-Yi [29]

Methodology on qualitative simulation modeling of software reliability based on chaos theory--QIAN Li,CHEN Xiu-Ming and WAN Jia-Hua [33]

An improved DOA estimation algorithm of speech signal on virtual array--ZHOU He,HE Pei-Yu,ZHANG Yong,YIN Qing-Qing and LUO Hu-Qin [33]

Improved attack on ARIA cipher by using fixed points of diffusion layer--LI Yong-Guang,ZENG Guang and HAN Wen-Bao [30]

A hybrid method for calculating electric field distribution above microcellular--LAN Jun-Qing,JIANG Ge-Yang and HUANG Ka-Ma [30]

Geographic routing algorithms resilient to location errors in wireless sensor networks--LIU Jing-Yuan and LIU Yun [19]

Material Science

Anatomical comparison of the hairy roots induced by Agrobacterium rhizogenes and the seedling roots of Cassia obtusifolia L.--TAN Yan,MI Yao,HUANG Jing,ZHU Lin-Hui,LI Pei-Jiang and LI Guan-Rong [32]

Genetic diversity analysis of Rhododendron (Ericaceae) located on Jinfo mountain--ZHONG Rong,DING Xian-ping,LI Chuang,WEI Xia,LI Tian-jun and FAN Zhao-xin [30]

Screening of protease producing bacterium from the gastrointestinal tract of Octopus variabilis and enzymatic properties--WANG Yu-Rong,JIN Yu-Lan,SUN Shu-Jing and PIAO Mei-Zi [31]

Mechanisticanalysis of CdTe quantum dots enhanced chemosensitization of MCF 7/ADM cells--ZHONG Wen-Ying,LI Xiao-Ming,HAN Yu-Ping,CHEN Nan,HUANG Qing and ZHAO Yun [32]

A Comparative study on cytotoxicity against Spodoptera frugiperda(Sf9) cells and bioactivity of the 26 furanone analogs--HE Li-Qin,REN Yuan-Hang,DENG Yuan-Jie,JIN Hong,TAO Ke and HOU Tai-Ping [28]

Purification and characterization of lectin from Boletus fulvus--BAO Xiao-Min,LU Bang-Min and BAO Jin-Ku [33]

Functionalanalysis of arabidopsis AtRAC in response to saltstress--ZHAI Xian-Zhi,YANG Hong-Wei,YANG HAO,LIUZhi-Bin,WANG Jian-Mei,YANG Yi and LI Xu-Feng [35]

Genetic variations of S2 and S4 inbred lines in maize--SHI Hai-Chun,GUO Li,ZHOU Guo-Chang,YU Xue-Jie,XING Shi-Shi and KE Yong-Pei [30]

Isolation and identification of 3 nitro propionic acid as an antibacterial agent from an endophytic fungus--GUO Jing,MA Dong-Ce,HUANG Li-Jie,LU Fei-Ting and BAI Lin-Han [31]

The regulation of SlWRKY1 transcription factor in biotic and abiotic stress in Solanum lycopersicum--ZHANG Ning,GAO Yong-Feng,SUN Xiao-Chun and LIU Yong-Sheng [27]

Prokaryotic expression of P38 from Turnip Crinkle Virus and preparation of its polyclonal antibody--ZHANG Jing,ZHU Feng,CHEN Ying-Juan,DENG Xing-Guang,LIU Jian,LIN Hong-Hui and XI De Hui [36]

Mechanism of killin in p53 mediated cell cycle regulation and its cell cycle specific distribution--KUANG Yi and LIANG Peng [34]

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