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Mathematics Contents   Vol.51, No.6, 2014      

Continuous interior penalty finite element method for steady state natural convection problems--PAN Xue-Qin,ZHOU Qin and FENG Min-Fu [59]

Average implicit finite difference method for Rosenau Burgers Equation--LIAO Guang-Yuan,HU Bing and ZHEN Mao-Bo [45]

Regular strongly quasi open sets and strongly quasi S closed spaces--WU Yao-Qiang [40]

Automorphism group and Lie algebra of derivations of a split Leibniz algebra--LIN Li-Feng and WANG Hui-Qi [8]

Efficient algorithm for generalized Abel integral equations--XU Zheng Shun [44]

Monotone convergence theorem for Stieltjes integral--ZHANG Zhi-Rang and DAI Hong-Xia [44]

Normal form of grazing bifurcation in bilinear oscillator--YI Ting-Ting [36]

Rosenau-RLW方程的拟紧致C-N守恒差分格式--FU Yu-Ze,HU Bing and ZHENG Mao-Bo [41]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science
Material Science

Plastidsignals in Arabidopsis response to environmental stress through inducing synthesis of antioxidant enzymes and anthocyanins--TANG He,YUAN Shu,ZHU Feng,FU Fa-Qiong,KANG Xing,ZHANG Ping,WANG Shuo-Xun and LIN Hong-Hui [43]

The PEPC RNAi regulates lipid content in Phaeodactylum tricornutum--LENG Li,TU Li,DAI Yi-Ying,GUO Ting,SUN Xing-Han,QING Ren-Wei and LAN Li-Qiong [32]

Cloning of pig BMP-2 and BMP-3 genes and characterization of their tissue expressio--ZHOU Yu,WANG Ya-Jun and LI Juan [34]

Phylogenetic analysis of bacteria in pit mud of different cellar age--ZENG Xiang-Yong,DONG Ya-Shu,HU Bei,CHEN Yao,ZHANG Wen-Xue and HU Cheng [31]

Determination of curcin by indirect enzyme linked immunosorbent assay--JI Rou-Feng,JIANG Nan,HU Na,XU Ying and CHEN Fang [36]

Assembling the RdRp gene fragment of SARS coronavirus in vitro by assembly PCR and RNA interference test--MA Cheng-Chuan,TAN Guang-Hong,YANG Yu and LI Ling [7]

Cloning and expression pattern analysis of JcCBF2 transcription factor in Jatropha curcas--LUO Meng-Xue,GAO Ji-Hai,SHI Xiao-Dong,HUANG Xiao-Ming,LI Shi-Juan,WANG Sheng-Hua and CHEN Fang [9]

Optimization of supercritical CO2 extraction conditions for essential oil from Eucalyptus.grandis×Eucalyptus.urophylla using box behnken design response surface methodology--ZHOU Li-Jun,HUANG Li-Jie,YANG Zhi-Rong and BAI Lin-Han [32]

Allelopathy of Jatropha curcas aqueous extract on four crops--LUO Tong,HUANG He-Ping,LI Feng-Jiao and MA Dan-Wei [39]

Genome survey sequencing and analyzing of Coptis chinensis based on next generation sequencing--SUN Quan,HE Xiao-Hong,MOU Jun and CAI Ying-Fan [35]

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