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Mathematics Contents   Vol.54, No.4, 2017      

Global monostability of a genetic toggle switch system--Li Jie and He Zhirong [156]

New exact solutions for the (3+1)-dimensional space-time fractional mKdV-ZK equation--hongyun, 孙峪怀, 江林 and 张雪 [122]

Existence of positive solutions for nonlinear three-point boundary value problem--李涛涛 [113]

Conservative Difference Scheme for the General improved KdV Equation--zhengmaobo and 谭宁波 [100]

Traveling wavefronts for a kind of nonlinear equation with mean curvature-like operator--鲁世平, kongfanchao and 李洁 [100]

Period-adding bifurcations in a class of one-dimensional discontinuous piecewise smooth maps--张鑫 [91]

A conservation difference scheme for generalized Rosenau-KdV-RLW equation--zhuoru, 李佳佳, 黄妗彤 and hujinsong [88]

Combined Hybrid Finite Element Methods for Eigenvalue Problems--Fu Wei,Wang Hao and Zhang Shiquan [104]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science

Instability and dissipation dynamics in atomic scale friction--Lijianwen and Liu nianhua [128]

Elastic and electronic properties of CuAlSe2 under pressure: A first-principle study--zhoumeng, Lu Zhi-Peng, Tao Ying-Qi, Huang Ao, Zhoule, zhou xiaoyun and Hu Cui-E [142]

Theoretical research on structural stability and electronic structure of XeF2 under high pressure--Wang Hai-Yan, 杨炳方, wang biao and shi rui li [133]

Improving Quantum Parameter Estimation by Partial Measurements in Quantum Information Splitting--谢燕青, 严凯, 黄雨梦 and Hao Xiang [101]

First-principles calculations on phase transition and elastic and thermodynamic properties of NaH--An Xinyou, 曾体贤, 任维义 and 吴卫东 [118]

王莉1,2,崔执凤2,徐丽1--wangli, 崔执凤 and 徐丽 [110]

Dielectric properties of DMSO–ethanol mixtures: density functional theory and experiment--Wu Zhiyan and Huang Kama [101]

Material Science

Primary Analysis of the Function of Arabidopsis thaliana RING finger ABRv1--yangdongbo,dengyanan,liuzhibin and yangyi [144]

Design, synthesis and antifungal activity of novel fenfuram analogues containing a diarylamine moiety--wanghongyu,Zhangxiaoxiao,Gaoxuheng,jinhong,taoke and houtaipin [113]

Molecular Cloning and Expression Analysis of BnDHAR in Brassica napus L.--宋验红,,, and [117]

The Relationship Between The Expression Of Lipoxygenase and Flavor Components At Different Brix Levels Of Hongyang Kiwifruit--zhangzeng,Zeng Weicai,Liu Yongsheng and Tang Wei [99]

Optimization of response surface for fermented feed in Idesia polycarpa residues through solid-state fermentation--liuxinanbei,sunyiran,tanglin and chenfang [113]

Study on coagulation activity of total alkaloids in Liparis nervosa(Thunb.)Lindl.--ZHANG Yang, FAN Xiao-Xu, CHAI Shu-Li and WANG Li [120]

The molecular structure of Phytoene desaturase and the analysis of the interaction between PDS and norflurazon--Huang Guo Zhou, 李圆圆, 邓鹏程 and 白林含 [117]

Overexpression and Inhibition of miR446 to study the expression pattern of its target gene APP1--Wang Wanjun, 李锐, 廖雪洪 and Bai Jie [100]

The steady state kinetic mechanism of succinic semialdehyde reductase AKR7A5--YAN Bao-Hua, 杨文娴 and 朱晓峰 [112]

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