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Mathematics Contents   Vol.54, No.6, 2017      

Hypercyclicity of weighted composition operators on the Little Bloch Space and the Besov space--ZhouNing and 陈翠 [90]

Positive solutions of a second order Neumann problems with derivative terms--yandongliang and 马如云 [58]

Dynamics of composition operators on weighted Banach Spaces of holomorphic functionsweighted Banach space--huxiaohe [41]

Promotion of Coupled Fixed Point Theorem in Partially Ordered Metric Spaces--Ma Jin and Yang He [47]

Cubic Trigonometric B-spline Collocation Approach for Black-Scholes Method--WU Beibei,YIN Junfeng and JIN Meng [45]

Eddy viscosity method by H(div) elements for the time-dependent Navier-Stokes equations--樊新玉, 李辉 and 冯民富 [55]

Positive solutions to integral boundary value problem for a class of fractional differential equations--zhang lixin,Yang Yujie and Jia Wenjing [48]

Configurations of curves on rational surfaces and representations of orthogonal Lie algebras--ZHOU Wei Bin and Zhang Jia Jin [50]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science
Material Science

The expression of long non-coding RNA LINC00941 in colorectal cancer and effect on cell proliferation--王承恩,罗玉,贺正池,肖雪薇,李宗鑫,兰洋 and 吴传芳 [58]

The Study on Different Extraction Methods and Antioxidant Activity of Volatile Oil from Saffron Bio-residues--quqiwen, 魏琴, Li Shushu, Yang Huaqiao, Shao Pingyue and 白洁 [52]

cDNA cloning of heat shock protein 60 (SpHsp60) in Stegobium paniceum and its expression under temperature stress--Zhu Xiaoye,丁天波,许抗抗,严毅,李灿 and 杨文佳 [36]

An evolutionary modular view of functional diversity in Arabidopsis uridine diphosphate glucosyltransferase--fangyang,niuyulong,liuchengcheng,linjiangyi,lixufeng and yangyi [44]

The spatial and temporal variation of glutamate decarboxylase (Gad) property in Brassica rapa L. ssp rapa--Peng Tong, Guo Yan Fang, He Yunyun, Guo Yiran, Tang Lin and Chen Fang [49]

Study on the optimization of Ophiopogon japonicus Fermentation and the Moisture Retention--Jiang Nan,He Liming,Xu Xiaoyan,Yu Mengyao,Li Fang and Luo Xia [44]

Effect of Rape Straw Ratio on Performance of Aerobic Composting Process and Characteristic of Final Product--WANG Shi-peng,SHUAI Wen-liang,WANG Ting-ting,ZHONG Xiao-Zhong,SUN Zhao-yong,TANG Yue-qin and KIDA Kenji [46]

Inhibitory effects of Salvia miltiorrhiza bge . f . alba water extract on apoptosis of islet B cells in rats--Zhang Hailing and Ma Xiao [51]

Elevation of immunity to PCV2 vaccine by recombinant Tibetan pig interleukin-12 gene in chitosan nanoparticles--Song tingyu, Xiao Yongle, ZENG Guangzhi, CHEN Yi, LI Jinhai, WAN Xiaoping, WANG Ze-Zhou, FANG Pengfei and Gao Rong [45]

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