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Mathematics Contents   Vol.55, No.3, 2018      

The Stability of Solutions to Parametric Set Optimization with Possible Less Order Relations--liupeili and chenchunrong [48]

Stabilization of the weakly coupled Schrödinger system--zhang hua lei [33]

The adjoint representations of generalized Taft Hopf algebras--tangshuai [34]

Global Structure of Positive Solutions for a Class of Nonlinear Second-order Three-point Boundary Value Problems--wei liping [48]

Analysis of dynamics behavior of the discrete SIR model with a nonlinear incidence rate--zhuchunmei and Li Yan [42]

Global Structure of Positive Solution for a Nonlinear Second-order Periodic Boundary Value Problem--ye fumei [40]

Existence of two positive solutions for Kirchhoff-type equations with critical exponents in R^3--Ding Ling, WANG JiXiu and ZHANG DanDan [35]

Improved results on stability analysis for a networked control system with two additive input delays--Zeng Deqiang, SHI Yong-Guo, Zhang Ruimei and Zhong Shouming [41]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science

Theoretical study on electron impact excitation of Ne-like Fe16+ ion--ZHANG Chun,YANG Ning-Xuan,FAN Ting,WANG Rui and SUN Mao-Zhu [24]

Theoretical study on the geometric structures and electronic properties of Mg doped silicon clusters--RUAN Wen,LIU Sui-Hong,SONG Hong-Lian and JIN Shi-xian [20]

Theoretical study of vibrational energy levels and spectroscopic constants for the ground state of BeH molecule--ZHANG Xue-Fu,LV; Bing,SONG Xiao-Shu and YUE Li [20]

Structure and magnetic properties of V-doped ZnTe clusters--CHEN Hong-Xia and ZHUANG Guo-Ce [17]

Quantum path control on the harmonic emission from He atom driven by the spatial inhomogeneous laser field--LIU Hang, LIU Hui and Feng Liqiang [20]

The density functional theory studies of structural, elastic and electronic properties of Pu2O3--LIU Tao, YANG ZiYi, ZHOU HongWu, NING JiangHua and GAO Tao [19]

Effects of the electronic spin-transition in iron on optical properties of lower-mantle ferropericlase--ZENG Ming-Feng, SHU WenLu and HE Lin [15]


Effect of Heat Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Polyving Akohol by Molecular Dynamics Simulation--LIU Jian-Guo, AN Zhen-Tao, ZHANG Qian, MENG Sheng-Hao, YAO Kai and LI Tian-Peng [20]

Density functional study of cefalexin--HE Wei-Ping, HUANG Ju, CHEN MiaoHui, JIANG ZhenJie and WANG DeTang [17]

Synthesis of BiVO4 photoanode with improved photoelectrochemical performance by W-doping and surface electrochemical pretreatment--WAN Li-Juan and YANG Ming [19]

Study on the Metastable Phase Equilibria of the Aqueous Quaternary System lithium rubidium chloride at 298.2 K.--CHEN Jie, ZENG Ying, CHENG Xing-Long and YU Xu-Dong [13]

Theoretical Studies of the HO2 + ClO Reaction Mechanism and Rate Constants of Major Channel in the Gas Phase--WANG Rui, FENG Xu-kai, JIA Zi-long, SHAO Xian-Zhao, ZHANG Qiang and ZHANG Tian-lei [33]

Material Science

Over-expressing E3 ligase ABRv1 enhances drought tolerance via ubiquitinating CPK3--DENG Ya-Nan, LIU Zhi-Bin, WANG Jian-Mei, LI Xu-Feng and YANG Yi [20]

Mutant of PSF effects on the prolification, migration and alternative splicing--Li Qian, An Tingting and Wu Chuanfang [21]

The Research of the Cities’ Temp-Spatial Disparity of Arable Land Use Intensity in Sichuan Province Based on Entropy and ArcGIS--ZHAO Xi and Chen Jing [19]

Cordyceps cicadae extracts has a protect effect against H2O2-induced cellular senescence by promoting oxidative stress response in HeLa cells--wang wei yan, GAO XueJie, LIU BingHua, YANG Li, YAN MengLi and Liu Ke [16]

Purification of Acetylcholinesterase from Locusta migratoria and preliminary study on pesticide screening--Deng Yuan-jie, Zhang Xiao-xiao, Gao Tian-tian, Tao Ke, Jin Hong and Hou Tai ping [18]

GC-MS analysis of extractives from Lespedeza cuneate and qualitative and quantitative analysis of lupenone--Tang Chao,Pan Niansong and Luo Jun [24]

Introduction and imitative wild cultivation of Dendrobium nobile in north of Sichuan--Zhengshigang,Yanshou,Huyadong,Zhaoruoxi,Zhaotingmei,Zhangxueqin and Chunze [23]

The characteristic of transgene insertion and exogenous protein expression in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii--Liu Ruijun, DING TAO, PENG SiLun and Bai Linhan [22]

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