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Mathematics Contents   Vol.52, No.3, 2015      

Corrected implicit schemes for fractional stochastic differential equation--WANG Wei-Bin and LUO Mao-Kang [127]

Determinants of matrices associated with arithmetic functions on k set--HU Shuang-Nian,TAN Qian-Rong and ZHAO Xiang-Yu [73]

Dynamic margin rate based on quantile regression and impact factors--HUANG Jia-Feng,LI Dong-Fang and TANG Ya-Yong [70]

Modified alternating direction implicit method for solving space fractional telegraph equation with variable coefficients--MA Liang-Liang and LIU Dong-Bing [72]

Overdamped fractional ratchets driven by multiplicative Langevin like noises generated by mappings with two fixed points--ZHOU Xing-Wang,LIN Li-Feng and JIANG Zhi-Jie [68]

Inverse limit of σ collectionwise normal space--XING Hua-Xiong,ZHOU Yan-Hong and CAO Jin-Wen [68]

Volume variational problems for α relative hypersurfaces--CHANG Ya-Ya and FU Tao [57]

Longtime behavior of the wave equations with Ventcel′s boundary conditions--XIAO Yao [81]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science

Design of environmental monitoring system of power distribution room based on modbus protocol--YAN Dong,LONG Guo-Qiang,WANG Ping and CHEN Jun-Sheng [62]

The realization of a robust stitching algorithm for low illuminated core sample images--HU Ming,WANG Zheng-Yong,QING Lin-Bo and LIU Yue [56]

High frequency single conductor transmission line model and its productintegral algorithm--CHEN Xiu-Ming,WAN Jia-Hua,ZHOU He,HE Pei-Yu and ZHANG Yong [56]

Design and analysis of the tweakable block ciphers based on the transformation of lai massey structure--ZHAO Wei and TANG Dian-Hua [57]

A new method of diversification synthesis of the sound of medical tinnitus--LV Duo-Yu,HE Pei-Yu and PAN Fan [51]

Cancer gene selection by hybrid swarm algorithm based on cultural algorithm--ZHANG Hao,YE Ming-Quan and WANG Nan [53]


Calculationof scattering neutrons from the concrete walls in critical experiment--LI Huan,ZHANG Yi,FAN Xiao-Qiang,XIE Qi-Lin and XU Jia-Yun [53]

Axial mini insulator stack vacuum surface flashover experiment design--YANG Zun,LI Feng,WANG Meng,REN Jing,WEI Bing and XU Le [46]

Calculation of the form factor and coupling constant for vertex DDσ by the mandelstam generalization of The gell mann low method--ZHOU Hua-Bin and LU Xiao-Fu [59]

Biomagnetite and magnetoreceptor in the living body--QIAN Xia,WANG Ming-Hong,RUAN Shu-Ren,SUN Gui-Fang and SHENG Shu-Fang [56]

First principles study of electronic and optical properties of PbF2--PENG Min,ZHAO Feng-Yan,LIU Li and AN Xin-You [53]

Basic concepts of light management for photovoltaics--XIAO Xiao,XU De-Fu,XIAO Zhi-Gang,Zhang Zhi-You and DU Jing-Lei [51]

Exactsolutions to the Dirac equation with pseudo Coulomb potential plus a new ring shaped potential--XIAO Yong-Jun and GAO Jun [53]

Material Science

Characteristics of landscape pattern changes and trend prediction of Shuangliu County in the context of urbanization--WANG Xia,GAN Xiao-Yu,LI Jiang-Lin and ZHANG Qing-Yan [68]

Chemical modification and fluorescence analysis of lectin from Boletus fulvus--WANG Nan,QI Wei,ZHOU Li and BAO Jin-Ku [51]

The research of AtMYB44 and ABI1 via competitive binding to ABA receptor RCAR1 in Arabidopsis thaliana--ZHAO Zhe,LI De-Kuan,YUAN De-Zhi,WANG Xiao-Yu and LI Xu-Feng [52]

Determination of chloride in plant oil by spectrophotometry--LIU Feng-Xia,TANG Ling and CHEN Fang [47]

The expression of human coagulation factorⅦ in CHO/DG44 cell--MA Deng-Jiao,CHEN Jin-Wu and WU Chuan-Fang [63]

Isolation and identification of lacticacid bacteria from Tibetan chicken and expression of foreign protein in it--LIU Si-Tong,WANG Hong-Ning,MA Bing-Cun,DING Meng-Die,CAO Hai-Peng and YANG Xin [49]

Cloning and analysis of GDP-D mannose pyrophosphorylase gene from Pogonatherum paniceum--FAN Lin-Hong,LI Rui,TONG Yong-Ao and WANG Sheng-Hua [56]

Research on Interaction between PICK1 and Orai1 of Mouse--CAI Pei-Ling,CHENG Li-Jia and WANG Ting [56]

SBE based evaluation on plant landscape of constructed wetland park in Chengdu--LIN Wei,YU Lai,CHEN Shu-Jing,LIAO Chen-Yang and LUO Yan-Yun [63]

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