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Mathematics Contents   Vol.53, No.2, 2016      

A study on one algebraic equation of the product equaling unit--lishasha and zhengquan [59]

The complexity of the dual bases for Gauss normal bases of type (n,k)(k\geq 3) over finite fields--Liao Qunying and Li Xuelian [271]

H(div) conforming finite element methods for the coupled Darcy-Stokes problem--Liu Cheng-Xi,Kong Hua and 吴开腾 [191]

Multistable analysis for one dimensional Hopfield neural networks--sujuan and He Zhirong [223]

A conservative nonlinear difference approximation of generalized Rosenau - Kawahara equation--陈涛, Hu jin song and Xu you cai [178]

The Method of Wheat Stripe Rust Predicting Base on Phase Space Reconstruction and Support Vector Machine--Liu Cheng,Xiong Wan-Dan and Fu Shu-Zhi [159]

Groups of Polynomial Permutations over Finite Commutative Rings--pan jia kun and zhang qi fan [18]

Generalizations of Integral Inequalities with Two Variables and their Applications--Zhong Ji-Yu, 钟吉玉 and 段樱桃 [226]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science
Material Science

Optimization of two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-DE) system for protemics analysis of a radiation-resistant bacterium Micrococcus luteus SC1204--Deng Wu-Yuan,yangyang,gaopeng,wenwenting,mafulin and sunqun [164]

Cellular localization of Pin1 regulates the phosphorylation status of Rb--liuruihong, xie gang and xiao zhi-xiong [134]

Construction and identification of miR-122 expressing recombinant adenovirus--Hao Junli,Zhang Jinhua,Wu Xiangyun,He Maolan and 王丹 [106]

The Phylogenetic Analysis of Foot-and-mouth Disease Virus (FMDV) Serotype A Based on VP1 Gene--yang jiang,,,,,,,, and yang xin [100]

Production and Purification of Simian Vacuolating Virus40 virus-like particles--刘瑞熙,,,,,刘兰军 and 冯甦 [99]

A SVM based approach to identification of Gram-negative bacterial secretion system proteins--余乐正,ZHAO Liu-Qing,CHEN Man,LUO Jie-Si and LIU Feng-Juan [99]

The antioxidant activity in vitro of crude polysaccharide from Crocus sativus petals--CHEN Ke,,, and [105]

The analysis of BnTR1 enhances a variety of resistance in Nicotiana benthamiana--caohaohao, 王中浩 and 范智勇 [119]

Identification and Characterization of a Clostridium BEY8 Producing Butyrate from Lactate--huxiaohong,陶勇 and 高平 [115]

Screening and analysis of sex-related ISSR molecular marker in Idesia polycarpa Maxim. var. vestita Diels--dongna,Tang Xiaoshan and Tang Lin [102]

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