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Mathematics Contents   Vol.52, No.1, 2015      

Continuous interior penalty finite element method for steady state natural convection problems--CHEN Xue-Mei,MA Dong-Mei and ZHANG Zeng-Dan [67]

Determinants of matrices associated with arithmetic functions on two quasi coprime divisor chains--HU Shuang-Nian,CHEN Long and TAN Qian-Rong [56]

Homoclinic bifurcation in quasiperiodically forced inverted pendulum--GAO Jun-Ming [49]

SM of property C bifinite domain--LU Zhen-Chao and KOU Hui [49]

Squares in (12+23)(22+23)…(n2+23)--CHEN Hong,WANG Chun-Lin and HU Shuang-Nian [54]

A simple proof of j invariant generates the Hilbert class field--LI Jia-Ning and ZHANG Qi-Fan [54]

Regularized α- times resolvent families and integrated α- times resolvent families--SU Xiao-Yan and LI Miao [52]

Generalization of the Bellman-Bihari type integral inequality with delay for discontinuous functions--LIU Hong and YANG Hong-Yu [52]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science
Material Science

Study on the function of glycerol kinase in Phaeodactylum tricornutum during mixotrophic--CHEN Bo,HUANG Long,GUO Ting and QING Ren-Wei [48]

Chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics of ecological adaptability two poplar species in the Xinjiang--YOU Xin and GONG Ji-Rui [45]

Molecular cloning, sequence analysis and tissue distribution of pig Smad7 and Smad9 genes--CHEN Qiao-Rong,LI Juan and WANG Ya-Jun [41]

Study on the detection of Salmonella from dead chicken by multiplex PCR--YANG Fan,WANG Hong-Ning,ZHANG An-Yun,LEI Chang-Wei and ZHANG Zhi-Kun [39]

Pro apoptotic effect of the recombinant protein TAT-p53-MTS--WU Lan,ZHAO Zi-Yi and LI Ling [39]

Optimization research of fermentation conditions for fumaric acid production by Rhizopus oryzae and Rhizopus arrhizus--YIN Huan,JIA Ya-Min,YANG Zhi-Rong and WANG Dan [36]

A rapid method for detection of Salmonella in laying hens--LI Wan-Li,XU Wen-Long,LI Song,YU Yang and SUN Qun [45]

The study onxyl-d second alcohol dehydrogenase (SADH) G198R mutant--HAN Jun,LIU Zhi-Bin,MA Shi-Chun and YANG Yi [47]

GC -MS analysis of five kinds of cinnamomum plant leaf water leaching solution--WEI Qin,TAN Yun-Ya,LI Qun,ZHANG Chao,QIAN Suang and SHI Dan [40]

Cloning and prokaryotic expression of spinach 43 kDa chlorophyll a binding protein gene in Escherichia coli--LIU Ji,WANG Hao,XIAO Qing-Jie,XIE Si-Si and DU Lin-Fang [44]

Development and preliminary application of fluorescent quantitative RT-PCR method for detection of encephalomyocarditis virus--YUAN Yuan,XU Tang,ZHENG Chao-Gong,RONG Xin-Zong,HUANG Yan,MIAO Song and ZHANG Xue-Mei [38]

Characterization of SOCS7 (suppressor of cytokine signaling 7) gene in pigs: cloning, tissue expression, and identification of its alternative splicing variants--SHI Xiao-Dong,HUANG Xiao-Ming,LI Shi-Juan,WANG Sheng-Hua and CHEN Fang [47]

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