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Mathematics Contents   Vol.55, No.4, 2018      

Directed transport and stochastic resonance in centralized coupled Brownian motors with stochastic interactions--NI Fei-Xiang, WANG Hui-Qi, Lü Wang-Yong, LIN Li-Feng and YU Lei [204]

Stochastic multi-resonance in a cancer growth system with non-Gaussian noise--ZHANG Xiao-Yan and YUE Hong-Yun [138]

New explicit solutions for the space-time fractional mBBM equation--KANG Li, SUN Yu-Huai, LIAO Hong-Mei and XIONG Shu-Xue [131]

Bifurcation of nonhyperbolic limit cycles in piecewise smooth planar systems with two zones--YUAN Li-Ping [135]

Existence and uniqueness of solution for boundary value problems of a class of Hadamard fractional differential equations--ZHANG Hai-Yan and LI Yao-Hong [163]

Existence of solutions of a third-order boundary value problem--LI Ju-Peng and LI Yong-Xiang [143]

Existence of positive solutions for a class of nonlinear second-order periodic problems--MA Man-Tang [141]

Resonance of an over-damped generalized Langevin equation driven by Ornstein-Uhlenbeck noise--ZHONG Su-Chuan, PENG Hao and ZHANG Lu [147]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science

Study on structure, stability and chemical bonding of small Pb-doped Li clusters--JIANG Qun-Ying and LEI Ke-Wei [118]

Forward-Reverse Shock Dynamics of the Magnetized Jet--CHEN Qiang and LIU Xue-Wen [95]

Research on radiation from copper interface under strong impact--ZHANG Ning-Chao,ZHANG Miao-Miao,SHI Guo-Qing,REN Juan,GAO Ya and LIU Fu-Sheng [105]

First-principles calculations of structural and electronic properties of CrB4 under high pressure--ZHANG Yan-Wen and ZHANG Ji-Dong [108]

Effects of Deformation and Non - harmonic Vibration on Effective Charge, Thermal Expansion and Elastic Modulus of SiC--ZHA Xiao-Ting,CHENG Zheng-Fu,ZHENG Rui-Lun,ZHOU En-Min and YANG Wen-Yao [90]

Magnetite in the radula teeth of chiton--QIAN Xia [89]

Two-dimensional incompressible linear elasticity analysis by finite volume method--LIU Qi,MING Ping-Jian and ZHANG Wen-Ping [95]

Material Science

Effects of different substrates, growth regulators and parts of cuttings on cutting propagation of Cinnamomum migao--LUO Chang,LIU Ji-Ming,HUANG Xiao-Long,LI Li-Xia,LIU Jia-Jia and XIONG Xue [113]

Analysis of Effect Factors on the Root Architecture of Cupressus Gigantea(Southeast Tibet )--BIAN Xi-Li,YANG Xiao-Lin,LI Yong-Xia,YIN Jin-Qian and BIAN Bu-Yun [97]

Effect of Microcystis Aeruginosa and duckweed combined growth on the purification of waste water--SUN Huan,SUN Zhi-Zhe,FENG Ting,ZHAO Yun and WEI Wei [86]

Analysis of the interaction between AtHHR2 and DREB2C in Arabidopsis thaliana--CAI Xiao-Xiao,LIU Zhi-Bin,WANG Jian-Mei and LI Xu-Feng [98]

ISSR analysis of the genetic diversity of Artocarpus nanchuanensis, a critically endangered species, in Nanchuan District, Chongqing--HU Lian-Qing,WANG Qing-Ming,DING Xian-Ping,XIE Yi-Ting,ZHANG Shun,BAO Shan-Fei and CHEN Zu-Yi [83]

Analysis of suitable habitat distribution and its influence factors of Davidia involucrata in Liangshan Mountains based on MaxEnt model--CHEN Li-Xin,HE Mei-Xiang,TAN Jin-Bo,WANG Bin,HUANG Yao-Hua and RAN Jiang-Hong [87]

The photosynthetic carbon fixation characteristics of common tree species for highway greening in southern Jiangsu--WAN Li-Juan,ZHANG Yi,CHENG Dong-Xiang,ZHENG Chao-Cheng and HUANG Ya-Nan [85]

The diversity analysis and improved varieties selecting of Eleagnus in Sichuan province--TAN Ying-Chun,YANG Hua-Qiao,SHAO Ping-Yue,WANG Jing and BAI Jie [77]

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