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Mathematics Contents   Vol.54, No.1, 2017      

Conservative Weighted Finite Difference Scheme for the Rosenau-RLW Equation--zhangxi, 胡兵 and 胡劲松 [98]

Optimality of approximate solutions in set-valued optimization involving subarcwise connected cone-convexity--Yu Guo-lin, kong xiang-yu and li ji-min [63]

Three-level average linear difference scheme for the general improved KdV equation--zhao hongwei,Hu Bing and Zheng Maobo [79]

\sigma-regularity of the vertex superalgebra L_{c_m}--Zhu Xiao-Jing [69]

Existence of solutions to a class of semilinear fractional differential equations--zhenghuicui and [62]

Multiple Positve Solutions of a Discrete Third-order Three-point BVP with Sign-changing Green's Function--耿天梅, 高华承 and 张飞 [87]

The lower and upper solution method of fractional-order multiple-point differential equation boundary value problem--陈彩龙 and [74]

Traveling wave solutions of a moderate amplitude shallow water wave model--Shi Yi-Xia and Zhong Ji-Yu [88]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science
Material Science

Cloning and Tissue Expression of gastric inhibitory polypeptide/glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) in Pigs--cheng shao chen, zhang jian-nan and zhong yu [58]

Inflammatory Cytokine Mediated Expression of Tissue Transglutaminase in Tissue Fibrosis--sudanmei and hanyuanping [51]

The research of gene knockout via homologous recombination in Phaeodactylum tricornutum--Guo Ting,,,,,,, and Qing Renwei [42]

Design, synthesis and antifungal activity of novel 2-methyl-3-furancarboxamide derivatives--pu tao,,,, and hou tai ping [48]

Multilocus genotype (MLG) analysis of Giardia from captive wildlife in Chendu zoo--李威,屈羽,钟志军,杨平,李云娇,王吴优,刘学涵,谢娜 and 邓家波 [49]

Cell death and respiration inhibition of tobacco suspension cells under NaCl stress may be mediated by extracellular ATP--Bai Jing-Yue,Feng Han-Qing,Rong Fu-Hu,Lu Li-Na and Wang Qing-Wen [40]

A Resources Investigation on the Content of Curcin in Jatropha Seed Endosperm Collected from Six Location in Sichuan, Yunnan and Hainan Province--Yang Qian,Xu Ying,Li Chen yang,Ji Rou feng,Yu Hong wu,Tao Cheng qiu and Chen Fang [46]

Discriminatory Analysis on the Morphology and Major Components of Kernels of the Edible and Oil-type Sunflowers--李培江,,,, and [46]

Antifugal activity and GC/MS analysis of extracts from Curcuma phaeocaulis stems and leaves against plant pathogenic fungi--Chen Qin,Liu Qingya,Chen Ciqiong,Liu Huimei and [43]

Analysis of comprehensive tolerance to abiotic stresses in Brassica nupus over-expressing BnTR1--陈彩丽, cao hao-hao and fan li-juan [50]

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