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Mathematics Contents   Vol.56, No.2, 2019      

Existence of positive solutions for a class of boundary value problem of third-order nonlinear ordinary differential equations--Zhao Zhong-Zi [208]

A new characterization of boundedness and compactness for differences of differentiation composition operators between Bloch spaces--Ji Jing-Rong [143]

A new non-interior point algorithm for circular cone programming--Cheng Huan,Mu Xue-Wen and Song Qi-Yue [119]

Structure constants of the modi ed Ringel Hall algebras over bounded complexes--Chen Yue [107]

New exact solution for (3+1) dimensional nonlinear fractional Jimbo-Miwa equation--Xiong Shu-Xue,Sun Yu-Huai,Liao Hong-Mei and Kang Li [138]

Random walks in independent and Identically distributed random environment on right half-line--Ren Min [105]

Stability and dynamical bifurcation of a generalized Fisher equation--Zhang Qiang,Zeng Yan and Zhou Yan-Hong [154]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science
Material Science

The research on interaction between the UGT71B6 and ABA receptor in Arabidopsis--FAN Jing,MA Yan-Lin,CAO Jing,CHEN Qiao-Qiao and YANG Yi [129]

The expression and clinical significance of FEZF1 in colorectal cancer tissues and adjacent normal tissues--LI Zong-Xin, HE Zheng-Chi, XIAO Xue-Wei, LUO Yu, LAN Yang and WU Chuan-Fang [109]

Ribozymes based self-cleavage sgRNA and its application in gene editing--Shan Ce and Li Zhong-Han [94]

26S proteasome regulates the degradation of microtubule--PAN Ting,YANG Mu-Tong,LIU Yang-Xuan,SUN Xiu-Qiang,TU Sheng-Bin,JAN Smalle and WANG Song-Hu [77]

The molecular identification of latent viruses in the main apple production areas in Southwest China--YAO Run-Dong,SHI Wen-Sen,UNWU Run-Ze,HUANG Kui and WANG Jian-Mei [93]

Analysis of the interaction between E3 ubiquitin ligase AtARRE and ABI5 in Arabidopsis thaliana--LI Chu-Zhe,WANG Bo-Ya,LI Ying,LI Xu-Feng and LIU Zhi-Bin [72]

Identification of a novel MDM2-p53 interaction inhibitor using virtual screening and docking strategy--TU Xiao,LI Lei,ZHANG Hai-Bo,LIU Yang,XIAO Zhi-Xiong,ZHANG Yu-Jun and CAO Yang [88]

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