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Mathematics Contents   Vol.53, No.1, 2016      

Finite element method for the generalized Rosenau equatoin--HE Ting,HU Bing and XU You Cai [100]

Dual and trace bases of the type (4,7) Gauss period normal basis over finite fields--WEI Jie,,LI Xue Lian and LIAO Qun Ying [72]

Weak Galerkin finite element method for plane elasticity problems--LIU Bang Fan [54]

Periodic solutions for prescribed mean curvature Rayleigh equations with a deviating argument--KONG Fan Chao and LU Shi Ping [43]

MCMC methods for quantile regression of GARCH models--LI Dong Fang and TANG Ya Yong [48]

On rational distance point problem for quadrilaterals--YANG Shi Chun  and LIAO Qun Ying  [55]

Positive solutions of third order ∞ point boundary value problems--GAO Ting and HAN Xiao Ling [53]

Some basic arithmetic properties of a class of Q curves--REN Yuan [61]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science

Research of internal image Move Copy tampering forensics algorithm --LI Ruo Chen,LI Qin,,JU Sheng Gen,ZHOU Gang, and SHAO Shou Ping [215]

Topology analysis of Chinese airspace domestic flights--WU Ke,WANG Jun Feng and LUO Qin [44]

Research on encryption of digital image based on improper fractional order Laser chaos--ZHAO Jian Feng,WANG Shu Ying,LI Xian Feng and ZHANG Li Tao [38]

Quantum authentication and key agreement scheme for SIP protocol--YANG Guang,NIE Min and YANG Wu Jun [42]

Time variation characteristics and assessment of electromagnetic environment in a campus--ZHANG Ming An,ZHAO Xiang,XU Jin Hai,YAN Li Ping and HUANG Ka Ma [41]

Anovel error resilience scheme for key frames in Wyner Ziv video coding--LIU Xiao Juan,QING Lin Bo,XIONG Shu Hua and OU Xian Feng [33]

Stochastic resonance phenomenon in an active low pass filter circuit with signal modulated trichotomous noise--OU Jian and ZHAO Xin [32]

Material Science

Expression and purification of recombinant chicken TSHβ, FSHβ, and LHβ proteins--YAN Zhen Xin,MO Chun Heng,WANG Ya Jun and LI Juan [54]

HPLC determination of activity of UGT75B1、UGT71B6、UGT71C5 and the kinetic analysis--CEN Yong Yi,LIU Zheng,XIA Li Fen and YANG Yi [39]

Screening and identification of an antagonistic Streptomyces S3 5 against gray leaf spot in maize--MO Jie,WANG Sheng Hang,LUO Kun,ZHANG Tao,KE Yong Pei,SHI Hai Chun and SUN Qun [43]

Extraction and physicochemical properties of Idesia polycarpa Maxim oil--HUA Wan,YE Yang,WANG Zhan Guo and TANG Lin [45]

Cloning and expression regulation analysis of a JcKNOX1 gene from Jatropha curcas L.--SHI Xiao Dong,TIAN Yin Shuai,YAN Xiao Xue,FANG Zhi Rong and CHEN Fang [44]

Synthesis and evaluation of near infrared fluorescent dye BPAD 2 for β amyloid plaques--CHENG Yan,OUYANG Xiang Shuo,LIANG Tian and ZHANG Zhi Rong [33]

Human elongation factor1A1(eEF1A1) promotes drug tolerance in lung cancer cell line--DING Mu Ran,LIU Tao and LI Lin [46]

Molecular cloning and expression patterns of LcAO from Lycium chinens--QIAO Feng,GENG Gui Gong,XIE Hui Chun,ZENG Yang,ZHOU Lian Yu and CHEN Zhi [35]

Construction and application of RecET recombination system in Zymomonas mobilis--LI Tao,CAO Qing Hua,WU Yan,TAN Xue Mei and ZHANG Yi Zheng [49]

Screening of a phospholipase D producing strain and its transphosphatidylation activity --SHI Chuan,ZHANG Wei, and WANG Yi Ding [41]

Study on the application of aquatic plants in Chengdu Egret Wetland Park--YU Lai,CHEN Shu Jing,LIN Wei and LUO Yan Yun [55]

TAp73α mediated cisplatin sensitivity was suppressed by miR 330 in colorectal cancer cell HCT116--HUANG Ling,ZHANG Yu Jun,XIAO Zhi Xiong and TONG Ying [51]

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