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Mathematics Contents   Vol.54, No.2, 2017      

New explicit solutions for the nonlinear fractional Klein-Gordon equation--李钊,Sun Yuhuai,Zhang Xue,Zhang Jian and Huang Chun [191]

Semi-conjugacies from the z-type map to the Tent map--石勇国 and 龚小兵 [125]

Velocity Projection-Based Stabilized Finite Element Method for Steady Navier-Stokes Equations using equal order interpolation--zhang Baiju and li hui [123]

Generic Uniqueness and Generic Well-posedness on a class of Equilibrium Problems--丘小玲, and [110]

Multiplicity of Solutions for a Class of Nonlinear Second-Order Robin Problems--longyan [118]

Gelfand-Krillov dimension of quantum group of type B_3--Ayiguli Rexiti and [103]

Strong convergence theorems for equilibrium problem and countable Bregman totally quasi-asymptotically nonexpansive mappings--shen jinliang,zhu sheng and huang jianhua [98]

A conservative difference approximation of generalized Rosenau - RLW equation--wangtingting and [112]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science
Material Science

Isolation of Endophytic Actinomycetes from Rheum tanguticum and Its Application in Biogical Control of Magnaporthe grisea--廖敏, Zhang bo, FAN Zhong-han, CHEN Xiong-chun-rui and 张小平 [116]

Effects of Cd stress on the physiological responses of oilseed rape transformed by PprI--xietian, fenggang, yanqinglong, weitao, wangmaolin and zhaoyun [116]

Primary Analysis of the Function of Arabidopsis thaliana RING finger AtHHR1--Zhao Baifen,Qi Huihui,Li Xufeng and Liu Zhibin [109]

The Glucose Metabolism Variation of Clostridium butyricum during Domestication with Different Anode Potentials--DAIFENG, 刘健, 孙霞, 高平 and 李大平 [91]

Cloning and Expression analysis of RcHsfB3 from Rhododendron calophytum--Chen Xialian,Yang Huaqiao,Li Jiaxin,Chen Ke,Qu Qiwen and Bai Jie [103]

The research of AtDWD interacting with DDB1--wuyetian, and [133]

Investigation and co-transfer of resistance genes and virulence genes among Escherichia coli producing CMY-2 isolated from feces and flies among large-scale poultry farms--liqingzhou,masuzhen,konglinghan,jiangwei and wanghongning [92]

Potential distributions of a invasive species Conyza bonariensis (Compositae) in China as predicted by MaxEnt--xiedengfeng,Tong fen,Yang Li-juan and He Xing-jin [85]

The Influence of Road on the Growth Status of Fargesia nitida in Jiuzhaigou County--Wei Ling,Ran Jiang-Hong,Zhong Xue,Yang Li-Jun,Yan Ting-Ting and Zhao Chen-Hao [106]

Expression, purification and identification of wound healing function of Interleukin-24 fusion protein--yuruoxuan, 周虹 [91]

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