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Mathematics Contents   Vol.51, No.5, 2014      
Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science
Material Science

The inhibitory effect of energized fusion protein lhFⅦ-LDM on the tumorigenicity of A549 cells in vivo--LIAO Dong-Sheng,YANG Yu,CHEN Jin-Wu,MA Deng-Jiao and LI Lin [67]

Cosuppression of SlWRKY80 resulted in affected defense ability against stresses--ZENG Hui,GAO Yong-Feng,LIU Ji-Kai,YU Jin-De,HUANG Sheng-Xiong and LIU Yong-Sheng [55]

Prediction of disease genes of mitochondrial complex I deficiency based on human mitochondrial gene function linkage network--JMAO Song,WANG Jia-Bin and LI Xiao [51]

Explore the changes of thiol compounds and antioxidant enzymes in Oudemansiella radicata mycelium under cadmium and lead stresses--ZHAO Qi-Qi and XU Heng [50]

Extraction and antioxidant activitities of tea polyphenols from Camellia oleifera Abel leaves--LI Zhi-Qiang,GE Yan-Shuang,ZENG Chun-Han,LIU Xiao-Bo and WANG Li [54]

Application of 1-MCP and chitosan on preserving postharvest bamboo shoots supplied to the Giant Panda--GAO Qiang,HUANG He,LIU Min,JIA Ya-Min,HOU Rong and SUN Qun [51]

Effects of chemical modification on the biological activity and conformation of the lectin from Alisma plantago aquatica--LIU Chao,LIU Fang,FU Qin-chao and XU Xiao-chao [57]

The detection of the pathogen of measles like syndrome in rhesus monkey--QIU Wei,HU Ting-Song,QIN Min,NIE Xue-Feng,JIA Yuan-Yuan,ZHANG Fu-Qiang,ZHENG Ying and FAN Quan-Shui [49]

猪GPR84基因克隆和组织表达图谱分析--YANG Yi,FENG Qin,JING Yu-Qing,HUANG Zheng-Hui and DUAN Jing-Yue [53]

Prokaryotic expression optimization and protein purification of Jatropha curcas dehydroascorbate reductase gene (JcDHAR)--TANG Jia,YU Chuan,HAN Hai-Yang,YAN Jun and WEI Wei [63]

Cloning and mRNA expression of BnCYP83B1 gene under 2,4 D hormone in Brassica napus--CHENG Wen-Cai,DING Cong-Cong,ZHAO Yun and WANG Mao-Lin [65]

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