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Mathematics Contents   Vol.52, No.4, 2015      

Continuous generalized partial metric spaces--LI Wei and ZHANG De-Xue [12]

Interaction solutions of non traveling wave soliton for (2+1) D Konopelchenko Dubrovsky equation--KANG Xiao-Rong and XIAN Da-Quan [9]

Pseudo compact nonlinear finite difference approximate solution for dissipative symmetric regularized long wave equation--ZHENG Mao-Bo and HU Bing [10]

Existence and uniqueness of homoclinic solutions for an n dimensional prescribed mean curvature equation--WANG Rui,LIANG Zai-Tao and LIANG Feng [9]

Boundedness of products of differentiation and composition from weighted Bergman spaces to Zygmund spaces--YANG Yong and JIANG Zhi-Jie [9]

An inexact partial alternating direction method for convex programming problem--CHEN Xiao-Biao and XUE Xiao-Wei [9]

Some results on non congruent numbers--DUAN Lian and PENG Guo-Hua [11]

Linear complexity of binary sequences based on two fold cyclotomy--SUN Yu-Ying and REN Wen-Li [8]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science

Detection of wet gluten content in wheat flour of near infrared spectroscopy--HU Yu-Jun,LIU Cui-Ling,DOU Sen-Lei and SUN Xiao-Rong [11]

Improved group signature scheme based on Chinese remainder theorem--WANG Chuan-Fang,ZHOU An-Min and LIU Liang [11]

Feature selection of chromatographic fingerprints for oil production prediction--YANG Xiao-Min,WU Wei,SU Bing-Shan and SONG Ya-Dong [6]

The analysis of epidemic protocol performances impacted by movement rate of mobile nodes--LI Wen-Zao,LIN Feng,ZHOU Ji-Liu and WANG Yan [7]

An improved method on digital model of male cicada sounding--GONG Xiao-Long,HE Pei-Yu and PAN Fan [7]

Integral image 3D display system with enhanced viewing angle--XIE Wei and WANG Qiong-Hua [7]

Blind separation of sound signal by using FastICA--ZHAO Zhong-Hua and YANG Xiao-Mei [6]

Material Science

Preliminary study of proteins interacting between ABI2 and AtDWD in Arabidopsis thaliana--YUAN De-Zhi,LI De-Kuan,ZHAO Zhe,YANG Hao and YANG Yi [8]

Cloning of MSI2 like and initial exploration of gene function in tomato--LI Di,TANG Xiao-Feng and LIU Yong-Sheng [7]

GC MS analysis of total alkaloids in Liparis nervosa (Thunb.) Lindl.--LIU Xiao-Bo,ZHANG Yang and WANG Li [12]

Characteristics and molecular identification of protoplast fusants from Agaricus bisporus--LI Xue,YANG Tao,LIU Hui-Mei,CHEN Qin and LONG Zhang-Fu [8]

Genetic mapping of the dwarf mutant gene ndf1 in Brassica napus L.--YANG Peng-Na,ZHANG Lu,SHI Hui-Juan,LI Qing and WANG Mao-Lin [7]

Study of Bdellovibrio on the lysis of pandrug resistant Gram negative bacterias and culture conditions--MA Lan,ZHAO Bo-Han,TAN Tian-Yu,ZOU Lin-Zhi and XU Heng [6]

Lower expression lncRNA MALAT1 effect on the proliferation and migration of HeLa cells in vitro--QI Wen-Chuan,LI Qian and WU Chuan-Fang [5]

Effect of germination conditions on the nutritional quality of sweet corn--YAO Ying-Zheng,DONG Ling,LI Jian,FU Cheng-Ping and ZHU Yu [6]

Identification and fungicides screening of Saffrons rot disease pathogen--ZHOU Shuang,BAI Jie and CHEN Fang [5]

Putative mechanism of cucumber seedlings tolerance to exogenous cyanide--WU Yang-Cheng,XU Fei and LIN Hong-Hui [6]

Study of high value organics synthesis from acetate reduction in microbial electrochemical systems--WANG Juan,ZHU Xiao-Yu,LIU Ke,LI Jian,LI Da-Ping and GAO Ping [7]

Epidemiological investigation of subgroup J Avian Leukemia inlayer chickens from 2012 to 2013--LI Xin,WANG Hong-Ning,YANG Xin and LI Ran [7]

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