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Mathematics Contents   Vol.55, No.6, 2018      

Existence of time-dependent strong global attractors for the nonclassical diffusion equation--WANG Jing,MA Qiao-Zhen and YAO Xiao-Bin [214]

A three-level linearized difference scheme for Rosenau-KdV-RLW equation--LI Jia-Jia,ZHANG Hong,WANG Xi and HU Jin-Song [130]

Weak Galerkin finite element methods for fourth order singular perturbation problems--WANG Lin,LUO Kun and ZHANG Shi-Quan [138]

Existence of positive solutions of second order singular nonlinear eigenvalue problems--CAO Wen-Juan,LI Jie-Mei and WEN Jiu-Hong [128]

Time-dependent global attractors for strongly damped wave equation with critical exponent--MENG Feng-Juan and CAO Feng-Xue [98]

Differential algorithms for American put-options of CEV on dividend-paying stock--GUO Zong-Huai,HU Bing and XU You-Cai [120]

Odd periodic solutions for 2n order ordinary differential equations under unilateral growth conditions--WEN Qian and LI Yong-Xiang [144]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science
Material Science

Extraction and determination of L-Citrulline in the lateral bud of saffron--LI Shu-Shu,WANG Jing,HOU Jing,PENG Tong,HEYun-Yun,WEI Qin and BAI Jie [117]

The research on interaction between Arabidopsis Calcium-dependent Kinanse CPK12 and bZIP transcription factor ABF4--LIU Ying-Ying, LIU Yu, HUANG Kui, YAO Run-Dong, WANG Jian-Mei, LI Xu-Feng and YANG Yi [113]

Investigation on the insecticidal potential of Aspergillus japonicas D-19 isolated from the Tibetan plateau against Locusta migratoria manilensis (Meyen) (Orthoptera: Acrididae)--ZHA Yan-Mei, YANG Na, SHI Jia-Xing, TAO Ke, JIN Hong [109]

Analysis of the alternatively spliced genes in Apis cerana cerana larval gut under the Ascosphaera apis stress--GUO Rui,LI Long,XIONG Cui-Ling,ZHENG Yan-Zhen,FU Zhong-Min,WANG Hai-Peng,ZHAO Hong-Xia and CHEN Da-Fu [102]

The underlying mechanism of modified palmatine for calcified cells--QIAO Jie,LI Yi,YANG Li,QI Qing-Rong,WANG Li and LIN Hong-Hui [104]

Comparative genome analysis of Bacillus pumilus--LIU Yun-Shan,TIAN Ying-Ming and LI Xiao [80]

Rapid determination of oil content in Phaeodacylum tricornutum by high-throughput method--CAO Su-Juan,LIU Ke-Huan,REN Ling-Xuan,HOU Xing-Guo,QING Ren-Wei and LAN Li-Qiong [106]

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