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Mathematics Contents   Vol.56, No.5, 2019      

Positive periodic solutions for a class of differential equations involving parameter and multiple delays--ZHANG Lu and YANG He [120]

Existence of solutions for a class of third-order nonlinear ordinary differential equations with periodic boundary value--DENG Zheng-Ping and LI Yong-Xiang [85]

Existence of positive periodic solutions of second-order differential equations with weak singularity--MIAO Liang-Ying, LIU Xi-Lan and HE Zhi-Qian [72]

Blended force-based atomistic-continuum coupling method for the model adaptivity of a Frenkel-Kontorova model--LIAO MIng-Jie and WANG Hao [71]

A high precise linearized difference scheme for Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation--ZHANG Hong, WANG Xi and HU Jin-Song [51]

Robust V-cycle multigrid method for anisotropic linear elasticity problems--BAI Yan-Hong, WU Yong-Ke and QIN Yan-Mei [236]

Global structure of positive solutions of periodic boundary value problema of difference equation involving φ-Laplacian operator--LONG-Yan [80]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science
Material Science

Study on the changes of physicochemical properties of A. eriantha during the fruit development--LIU Chun-Hong,QIU Guo-Liang,LIU Zhi-Bin,YANG Yi,ZHUANG Qi-Guo and ZHANG Qian [124]

Study on chemical constituents and determination of cannabidiol (CBD) in hemp leaves of Heilongjiang province--CIREN Qu-Zong,LUO Yu,QU Xiao-Yu,DENG Xiao-Kuan,WANG Yong-Li and GAO Ping [59]

Detection and analysis of volatile components in dried morel--ZHANG Fu-Sheng,LONG Li,YU Xiao-Rui,FANG Lei,HU Zong-Yue,ZHANG Yu-Xin,YU Dong and LONG Zhang-Fu [70]

Study on the content determination of main iridoid glycosides in Veronica ciliata Fisch by UPLC--LUO Chao-Mei,LU Qiu-Xia,HE Li-Bo,ZHANG Shi-Yan,SUN Yi-Ran and TANG Lin [54]

Association analysis among genetic diversity, agronomic characteristics and SSR markers in rice--WANG Fu-Biao,SHI Jun,HUANG Ting-You,SI Er-Jie,ZHENG Zhuo and SUN Hui-Min [67]

Genome-wide analysis of the AP2/ERF family genes in Salix suchowensis--TIAN Ying-Ming,WANG Jie-Heng,SHEN Fang-Yuan and LI Xiao [70]

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