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Mathematics Contents   Vol.54, No.3, 2017      

Positive solutions of singular fourth-order three-point eigenvalue problem--dajuxia and [90]

A stabilized linear-constant finite element method for elasticity problem--Liu Shulin and Hu Rong [68]

Global optimality conditions for mixed integer nonlinear programming problems--Quan Jing and 李国权 [65]

Existence analysis of solutions for symmetric operator equilibrium problems--张卫兵 and Yan Wen-Yong [74]

Existence of Positive Solutions for a Class of Nonlinear Second-Order Dirichlet Problem--ye fumei [77]

$F$- complete Parabolic Affine Hyperspheres--胡传峰 and jixiu [53]

An existence result on positive solutions for a coupled system of steady state suspension bridge equations--李涛涛 [79]

The Perturbed Non-traveling Wave Double Solitary and Periodic Solutions for (2+1)-D KD Equation--Kang Xiaorong and Xian daquan [55]

Improved method of weighted expected residual for solving stochastic variational inequality problems--zhangshasha and kou xi peng [74]

Computer Science
Electronics and Information Science

Noether Theorems for Dynamical Systems with Non-standard Lagrangians based on El-Nabulsi Models--zhouxiaosan and Zhang Yi [53]

Simulation of the vector beams generated by the polarization modulation of the spatial variant wave-plate--史成芳,JingJIanli and GuoMinglei [58]

First principles studies on mechanical properties of ZrB3 and NbB3 under high pressure--aotegen, 迎春, 赵二俊 and 侯清玉 [76]

An Analytical Drain Current Model for Surrounding-Gate Schottky Barrier MOSFET--XU Li-Jun, 张鹤鸣 and 杨晋勇 [65]

The electronic energy properties of the doped GaAs/ GaAlAs fibonacci quantum wells structure--luomin,chengziheng,baojianyang and zhukejie [62]

Tight Binding Studies on The Electronic Structure of Toroidal Carbon Nanoscrolls--wangzhao and 侯汝燕 [55]

First principles calculations for the electronic and optical properties of CrN--yangkun and 王静楠 [69]

Vacancies of Si Effects on Electronic Structure and Optical Properties of β-FeSi2--DengYongrong, Yan Wanjun, 张春红, 周士芸, 骆远征 and 张在玉 [65]

External field effect on the molecular characteristics and potential energy of SiH--Wu Dong-Lan,Wu Ai-Jin,Wen Yu-Feng,Zeng Xue-Feng and Xie An-Dong [51]

Material Science

Investigation on ubiquitination of AtCPK28 and AtCPK32 by AtTR1 in vitro--fanlijuan, 陈彩丽, 朱旭辉, 黄奎, 姚润东 and 王健美 [57]

Functional analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana BAH1 in--Liang Ke,Xu Xi-bing,Niu Yu-long and [53]

The Establishment of Method for Detection of 2,6-Di-Tert-Butylphenol Leachables in Rubber Closures--刘雯雯,,柳海花,高扬,sunyong,林宏辉 and [53]

Primary Analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana At5g66070 Gene in ABA Treatment--He Xiaoqian,Wang Jianmei,Liu Zhibin and Li Xufeng [58]

Prediction of Potential Distributions of Peucedanum praeruptorum and Angelica decursiva in China--zhanglin,Deng Yiqi,Xie Dengfeng and He Xingin [48]

The effects study of paclobutrazol to Amorpha fruiticosa drought resistance and water saving morphology--fanzhixia,LI Shao-Cai and sun hailong [47]

An improved method of sncRNA cDNA library construction--duguangshi, 罗发涛, 肖燕, 陈红军 and 吴传芳 [49]

The applicability of predicting protein structures with residue substitutions using homology modeling--LIU Jilong,XIAO Zhixiong and CAO Yang [44]

Studies on the mechanism of Stellera chamaejasme L. to Locusta migratoria manilensis (Meyen)--chen qiong,,,,, and [58]

Expression of Noro Virus Capsid Protein in Tn5 Cells--mayuxiao, 刘兰军, 李玫颖, 张勇侠, 蔡峰, 代云见, 范凤鸣, 张雪梅 and 赵云 [46]

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